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    Saturday, September 03, 2016

    Signs you have found your soulmate

    No , ignore what society says . Your soulmate need not be someone you plan on marrying and having children with . With many of us , we find our true soulmates with other people. Our parents , our sibling and our best friends have at numerous times proven to us that they are our true soulmates , with no real chance of a girlfriend or boyfriend ever taking their place .
    Nonetheless, what better than finding a partner who is the absolute fit for your glove?!
    Here are a few signs that you have found THAT special someone :
    1 . You are super comfortable with them .
    This can be gauged in a variety of ways – whether you feel safe telling them about your deep dark secrets, or if you’ re comfortable farting when they ’re around. When you can do all of this in their presence , you know you’ve found a keeper for yourself .
    2 . You can tell them anything .
    No matter how disgusting or scandalous, you know that you can share it with them without a fear of being judged or ridiculed . While they may yell at you, or give you advice on how to deal with it , you can be sure that nothing could really affect the relationship .
    3 . Your parents love them.
    They spend so much time at your house , that your parents practically consider them to be an adopted child . They are usually invited to family parties , and spend an unusual time bonding and hanging out with your friends and family as well .
    4 . The se * is unbeatable .
    This , applies solely to a partner. A healthy relationship must also include a good se* life . If your soulmate is your partner, it is of utmost importance that the sex is good . You really don ’t want to spend the rest of your life being bored and unsatisfied, do you ?
    5 . You have started completing each other’ s sentences .
    This is less romantic , and more about how the two of you practically share a brain. The two of you know so much about each other , that in many cases you can communicate just through ridiculous hand gestures , and through your eyes . Completing each other ’s sentence stopped being weird , and started being regular , long time ago.
    6 . They know everything about your life.
    Because they are always the first person you call when something momentous happens, they are always well aware about what is happening in your life . So much so , that you could completely switch places and they ’d know exactly how to be you. Oftentimes , your other friends claim that you are practically the same person .
    7 . You guys hate all the same people . * Wink*
    This is probably because the two of you are so similar – not only do you like all the same stuff , but you also despise the same things . You instantly know whether they like another person because you usually feel the exact same way about them.
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