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    Thursday, July 28, 2016

    clinton set for the speech of her life

    The Democratic National Convention will close with Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination for president She makes history by becoming the first female presidential nominee from a major US party
    We’re almost at the end of a long two weeks in American politics.
    Convention season is when America’s two main political parties rubber stamp their candidates for president. It’s also the time they unite behind them, after months of scrapping over who they should pick, during primary season.

    Conventions are stage managed, scripted events, but there’s always enough unpredictability to add some excitement to the hours and hours of political theatre. Last week, no-one expected there’d be such a striking similarity between Melania Trump’s speech and one made by Michelle Obama, more than a decade earlier.

    And the fractious nature of the primary season reared its head again, when Ted Cruz failed to endorse Donald Trump. This week’s Democratic convention began with a similar schism, as some Bernie Sanders supporters took to the streets to protest, refusing to back Hillary Clinton at any cost. Seven days after Donald Trump took centre stage in Cleveland, it’s now Hillary Clinton’s turn.

    Once the balloons have been released, the signs will come down, and the hundreds of journalists and delegates will pack up and go home. But this isn’t the end - it’s only the start of the 2016 election campaign.

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