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    Friday, August 11, 2017

    What careers will robots take over in the next 20 years?

    What careers will robots take over in the next 20 years? 

    Technology has permeated into our lives by making our lives easier and tension free, lot more facilities are expected in upcoming years.
    Technology has played a drastic role in changing our lives. It has helped human beings in all the areas, such as, health, science, business, and technology. Robots are the most interesting invention of technology. They are doing a lot of help and much human work is going to be replaced by robots in next 20 years. Robots will be performing different careers in upcoming years.

    1. Robots will be managing restaurants
    Robots will be managing restaurants in different ways. Robots would be working as waiters and they can also be able to manage the managerial tasks. Lot of money can be saved on human work force and restaurant owners would be able to save money and can start their side businesses as well. Robots are still working as waiters in many restaurants but in coming years we would see robots managing and serving people in different food cafes and restaurants.

    2. Robots would also be seen as journalists, authors and report writers
    It seems impossible but robots are able to analyze and write in a simple language. These robots are highly intelligent to analyze and write journalistic reports as well. Text to speech system is also getting popular and evolving as well and they sound so humanlike that they can also conduct TV shows along with report writing on politics, sports and games. There is a book in America which is going to be written by robots, it shows that in next 20 years we will see more robots than humans in the fields of writing, journalism and authoring books of different genres.

    3. Robots would work as Bookkeepers and Accountants
    Machine learning technology is quickly evolving and it can be helpful to human beings by taking services from robots in coming years. Robots would be much better bookkeepers and accountants as compared to human beings because they are accurate and never get tired. Thus, in next several years, robots would be serving as efficient bookkeepers and accountants. Robo-accounting has been started in recent years but expected to flourish in years to come.

    4. Robots as sales persons
    Robots would also be seen as sales persons in market. The desired programs can be installed on chips installed in robots. These chips sense audio and physical changes and respond accordingly. Thus, different technology researchers are working on it and in next 20 years robots would be seen working as sales persons in different shops.
    5. Robots would be seen as efficient doctors in coming years
    The world’s population is increasing day by day and doctors are not able to attend all the patients in various parts of the world, especially in underdeveloped countries. Robot doctors would prove a real boon to medical world. They would assist doctors and would be able to work as efficient doctors as well. There are different researches going on in America on robot doctors to make them efficient in handling patients with fatal diseases.

    These are some of the major careers robots would be serving after 20 years.

    Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Donald Peter. He is a Programmer, Developer and also writes occasionally on write my assignment on  latest inventions of science, technology and arts.

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