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    Saturday, July 08, 2017

    Scholarship for Nigerians

    Please to increase your chances of application, kindly email your full name and verification id to kaluude23@gmail.com after registration.

    • Obtain a special fund this Mid-Year to enable you attain your academic and self-development needs.
      The pass mark for the Mid-Year Trivia which would consist of 30 verbal and logical reasoning questions has been slated at 60% and we envisage to reward several outstanding scholars.

      Only 100 applicants will be shortlisted to obtain a Passcode and complete the final registration online.
      Kindly endeavour to verify your bank details before making the necessary inputs where required in the online application form. This is in a bid to facilitate a seamless funds disbursement to successful participants on the 28th of July.
      Shortlisted applicants will be prompted on the 15th of July and the Mid-Year Trivia will hold on the 22nd of July.Don't forget to send your full name and applicant or verification ID to kaluude23@gmail.com  after registration

    1 comment:

    1. Sir i just sent my full name and ID to the email. Thank you


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