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    Saturday, July 08, 2017

    How to increase traffic to your blog or website

    Increasing traffic to your blog in order to have more views isn’t such a big issue, but turning it huge is. It takes times for beginners, so do not lose hope but keep trying. If you’ve a very good topic with high blogging content and a great network, you will be popular in insignificant time. There are numerous strategies aimed at increasing your blog traffic, with the goal to create the maximum exposure for every post. You want to apply all the features available for that.
    The number of blogs available on the internet is rising every day and so is the competition. Your blog is likely to remain in an unknown state where it will be receiving minimal views unless you take the best strategies for increasing blog traffic.

    The following are 5 tips to gain more blog views:

    1. Write Good Content And Post Regularly
    Regularly updating your blog content is the best way to gather attention and regular audience. Content is the online king and people are usually in search of quality information that matches their interests. You ought to post quality content on your blog and it is essential that you choose a niche in which you’ve expertise in. Once people acknowledge your content they won’t miss a chance to read your blog.

    2. Networking
    Networking is important for any blogger. The following are some of the networking concepts you can apply:
    • Commenting on blogs that belong to your sales niche
    • Interacting with other bloggers with similar passion and belonging
    • Allowing other bloggers to place links in their comments
    Don’t just promote your blog – build relationship with people.

    3. Promote Your Articles
    If you belong to a certain community or network, let every person know about your blogging expertise. You can submit your articles to social bookmarking websites. Additionally, you can promote your articles via forums and newsgroups. All these strategies will help in increasing traffic to your blog.

    4. Search Engine Optimisation
    Consider optimising your content when writing your blog content in order to increase your blog traffic. You ought to research on keywords that belong to a certain subject or niche and find keywords that people normally use when searching for information that pertains your niche. Keep your keyword density below 2% to reduce the chance of being penalised by Google. It’s essential that you do not stuff the keywords within posts, and the information and keywords ought to go with the flow.

    5. Watch Out For Current Trends
    News and magazines will touch on several niche topics, and you can use those that are highly trending to rank high quickly with your articles. If you can blog about a topic before others then you’ll be able to attract attention and get more blog views.

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