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    Saturday, June 17, 2017

    Urgent Need Of Customer Care Officer

    Professionally handle incoming requests from customers and ensure that issues are resolved both promptly and thoroughly.
    Attend to customer questions, complaints and concerns immediately, and facilitate satisfactory resolution.
    Thoroughly and efficiently gather customer information, access and fulfill customer needs, educate the customer where applicable to prevent the need for future contacts and document interactions through contact tracking.
    Minimum Qualification Requirements
    Continuously evaluate and identify opportunities to drive process improvements that positively impact the customer’s experience.
    Responsible for compiling and generating reports as they relate to customer service surveys
    Minimum Experience
    less than 1 year


    A consulting firm seeks qualified candidates to fill this role
    Job Details:
    Troubleshoot customer issues over the phone.
    Use automated information systems to analyse the customer’s situation.
    Maintain a balance between company policy and customer benefit in decision making.
    Handle issues in the best interest of both customer and company.
    NOTE:ALL APPLICATION SHOULD GO TO jobs.farkonsult @outlook.com

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