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    Sunday, May 07, 2017

    Secret to High JAMB Mock Results 2017

    Below are the secrets you need to learn from about jamb, if you intend to score as high as they did

    Base on my observations, I concluded that jamb is more than being intelligent.. One needs smartness and mental techniques to get possible answers to their questions.

    Every thing is based on choice..and the right answer is always in the options calling candidate to pick it..but we are not sensitive enough.

    Here are some techniques to get high score in Jamb:

    Before anything, we must build our hope and trust in God, only HIM can do the impossible and give us our desired scores.

    1. Always understand the contents of the question. Though you may not know the answer, but first make sure you easily breakdown the question to your understanding (English literal meaning)

    The mistake people make in exam is the mistake of not getting the right content of a question...and if the question is misunderstood, the answer will be inevitably misunderstood..And to get a perfect understanding of a question, one must be calm and relaxed to think deep of it meaning within seconds (it's possible..)..and once you understand it..you can go ahead to the options

    2. Don't jump to the choices if you don't understand the content of the question.. the attractiveness of the options may mislead someone thinking that's obviously the right answer...when it is obviously the wrong one.

    3. Then look at each choices with deep understanding regarding to the Backup understanding of the question that you had..You will see that there relatively 2-3choices that is similar to the question... But the closeness varies.

    Eliminate the less relative ones..focus on the right very similar one and decide to choose..

    4. Always note the longest choice..If peradventure there's short choices to other options, check the longest one critically AND compare it with the question. You will get to understand that 70% of longest choices are almost the answer (not always the answer)..because you will notice that what stress does it take them to type or write this long choice just to confuse us, no, it means something is fishy about the choice.

    And 70% of them is not meant to confuse, it's meant to state the real and correct answer..

    5. Always notice the "odd choices"..in the sense that when other choices are positive, it may be negative. When other choices are going in one direction, it may be going in another direction..note it, it may be the answer.

    There's always an odd choice in every options..always note them...and when you discover them, you will then relate it to the question. You will find something meaningful there.

    6. Always note the most shortest word. As in, some choices may be long and meaningless. But you will find 1 or 2 short meaningful choices..consider them with the question.. You will get to see their uniqueness.

    7. Always note the "all of the above" option... When you see that 2or3 options are similar..choose "all of the above". When you see "2 choices" with similar meaning, please don't choose them, zero them off, check other options. When you see "none of the above too", and you discover that 2or3 options are to same direction, choose 'none of the above"..they are always used in special cases to confuse people.

    8. Always follow your instinct. As you get to understand the question...when reading the options, your instinct will silently emphasize on it...even before you finish reading the options, your instinct will agree on something.. Note and reason with it relating to the question. You will get the secret answer.

    9. The key thing in picking the correct answers are: understanding the question, understanding the oddness in the options and following your instinct.

    10. Don't doubt the answers you choose..once you follow your heart/instinct, don't doubt it at all..just choose it and move on. Trust in God, then you will surely testify..


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