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Correction Of Data/Change of Course and Institution 2017

Correction Of Data/Change of Course and Institution 2017
The news just got to us that the process for 2017 change of institutions and other correction has started but a lot of people don't know how to go about it. I am going to be sharing my experience yesterday at Jamb Office Ikoyi, where I went to Do my Correction of data.

Upon arrival at Jamb Office Ikoyi, I was shocked to see a lot of people there also for correction, as I entered I was hearing a Lady there giving information telling students to go and pay at the bank cause online payment was down. She was also talking of some students that had gone to pay for 2016 Correction of Data instead of 2017 Correction of data, so they had to pay twice.

N.B:- 2016 correction of data is the one you find on the home page when you log on to www.jamb.org.ng that one states you have to pay N2500 for each correction. Please don't pay for this one.

How To Get the 2017 correction of data page
Step 1- Log into your jamb profile
Step 2- open menu in your jamb profile 
Step 3-Click Register,under register a drop box appear where you'll see UTME correction of data
Step 4- Click it and follow the steps to pay either online or bank.

We were told there to pay at the bank cause online payment was down.

After paying N2500 at the bank with bank charge N100 Naira, we returned to jamb office Ikoyi and they changed it for us.

Note: You can equally do this at any accredited JAMB CBT Centre

You can change your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, STATE, INSTITUTIONS, COURSE etc with that one time fee of N2500

N.B- Make sure you go and do the Correction of data yourself because FINGERPRINT is REQUIRED.

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