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    Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    2017 top 5 classified ads websites in nigeria

    For those who may not be using classified ads sites, you may not know what it means and you are losing some possible customers. Classified ads sites are sites where you are can post or upload pictures of whatever you want to sale, and the site promotes it for you through several mediums online and offline making it possible for many people to see whatever you want to sale. Sites like olx.com are very popular. Since when they arrived, many other sites have emerged offering same services and even more. 
    Here are the list of sites ranked by virtue of the services they offer and relevance of these sites

    easysales.com.ng is new but ranks among the best as it offers the opportunity for users to post ads simply to users on an easy to use platform and is completely free for those who want to use the free service. One more interesting thing about easysales.com.ng is that users are guaranteed that what they see are verified by the site management making it safe for users who visit the site to buy. The management of the site also works round the clock to ensure that ads are served to those that need it by advertising the site on Radio, offline through printing of flyers and banners. You are ensured of exposure for whatever you advertise on easysales.com.ng. This site has been welcome in Nigeria as one of the best. Important posts are also served on easysales.com.ng/blog-posts

    This site has been noticed recently and working round the clock to advertise the site using AdWords to serve ads. Their services has been the same as offered by easysales.com.ng and the so far have not failed. Users of the site are enjoying the site .

    This is another classified ads site that has stood the test of time in Nigeria. Like other classified ads site, it offers services free for users. They also like easysales.com.ng have many categories allowing users to post ads to as many people as they like. It’s also simple to use and ranks very well.

    This site has a simple interface and looks good to the eye. Like easysales.com.ng who claims the top spot for its simplicity and style of delivery and user engagement, the site does not fail in this category.

    Mobofree is also simple to use and offers other services like sports news and some other news they find interesting to their users. In all they all have their different likeness that will appeal to their users.
    Bottom line. 
    These sites have helped many users to sale their products simply and for free even without having to own a physical shop. All one needs to do is be credible and you can use the services offered by this sites and promote and market your products without paying a dime. Some users use the premium services offered by the sites which allow them to stick their ads on the top of the site for a specified time.

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