Tuesday, January 17, 2017
The Jamb 2017/2018 Registration has not started. Jamb recently made an announcement warning the generally public to steer clear of fraudsters claiming to register candidates for the 2017 UTME.
Please be informed that dailynewsvibe.com will update on when the jamb registration will comnence.
There is only one thing I shall be focusing on.
You know what that thing will be?
Do you ?
I’m sure you guessed right. It is Jamb 2017. It’s the 2017 Jamb UTME Admission ish. Like everything concerning the upcoming Jamb – Latest Jamb News, Jamb Form 2017, Jamb Registration & Admission updates. You’ll get all of them here.
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The Jamb 2017 form will be out soon.
And remember there’ll be no post utme . So everything will depend on your performance in the Jamb 2017 Exams – UTM Exams.
What will jambnews do for you? That’s a brilliant question. And I am so glad you asked it.
See ehn:
Unlike those other guys that will jam-pack hundreds of unrelated topics on a page. Jambnews.ng will focus only on Jamb 2017 related news.
So: If you visit www.jambnews.ng everyday, you will not miss a thing regarding the 2017 Nigeria’s University entrance Examination. I promise.
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One more thing:
Everyone one who used the jambnews.ng platform (Chukwudi, Enobong, Abubakar, Iyabode and 900,000 others) came out smiling after the exams.
The people with a broader smile were those that practiced a lot with my JPQPP.
Yeah, the Jamb Past Questions Practice Page – It’s a Jamb quiz game. It’s Free. Click here to See
Yeah, that’s about it for now.
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Is Jamb Form Out?
The 2017 Joint Admission and Matriculation board, JAMB Form is not out. The form price and registration instructions will be updated on
jambnews.ng once the form is out.
Just for the record, Jamb form is same as Jamb Registration. Sells of form is use to refer to commencement of registration in the early days when Jamb UTME Registration was done by filling a form with biro pen. Then, everything was offline. It’s different now. It’s all digital. But folks still search for things like “Jamb form” everyday. The answer is No, The 2017 JAMB Form is not Out.
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in the Mock Jamb CBT platform. Watch the Video here
Click here to download the Jamb CBT Practice software.
Jamb 2017 Registration Fee
There would be no Scratch card for Jamb 2017 Registration. Payment will be made online. The Registration fee will cost a total of ₦6,200.
Here is breakdown of the amount:
JAMB Form payment – N5,000
CBT Centre service fee – N700
JAMB Mandatory Textbook – N500
There has been a little changes in the duties of Jamb CBT Centres.
The image below outlines the basic role of CBT Centres in the 2017 UTME.
Duties of CBT Centres.
1. To serve as Registration and Examination Centres.
2. To provide adequate computers for all forms of registration.
3. Do biometric capture of 10 fingers for candidates.
4. Provide alternative screen for candidates to verify their registration before submission.
5. Supply JAMB approved book to candidates.
6. Supply CD for eSyllabus and eBrochure to candidates.
Jamb CBT Practice Software
The 2017 Jamb UTME CBT Practice software is now available for download. It’s Free.
Consistent practice with this software will sure boost your performance the 2017 Unified tertiary Matriculation Examination – See Video of boy who scored 399 in here
Download the Jamb CBT Practice Software at https://jambnews.ng/jamb-cbt-software
Jamb Admission Status 2017
The jamb admission status portal is working just fine.
Wait… If you scored up to 180 in the previous Jamb UTME. Just go over and check. Some schools are still churning out new admission lists.
Click here to check you’ve been admitted.
Electronic Payment Options for 2017 UTME
These are the payment options for the coming UTME.
1. Online Payment (Visa, Master & Verve cards)
2. Point of Sale (POS)
3. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
4. Quick Pay at the Bank
5. Quick Teller
List of Participating Banks in Jamb 2017
Zenith Bank Plc . First Bank Plc . GT Bank Plc . Access Bank . Unity Bank Plc . Union Bank Plc . NIPOST . Skye Bank Plc . Eco Bank Plc . Sterling Bank Plc . Jaiz Bank Plc . Fidelity Bank Plc . Heritage Bank Plc
Duties of Participating Banks
1. Presence at Centres
Collect Cash payments where applicable
Facilitate POS Payments
Provide Evidence of Payments
Collection of Centre Service Fees
2. Payment to TSA
3. Generate Report on Transactions
4. Help candidates to register
Jamb UTME FAQ consist of a list popular questions often asked about the Jamb Exams. Candidates and parents are advised to go through this page before dropping questions. Click Here to check the Jamb FAQ
This Jamb Frequently asked questions were published yesterday. Going through it should give you one or two new ideas about Jamb 2017
Recent Jamb 2017 FAQs
Is Jamb 2017/2018 form Out?
No, It’s not.
Has Jamb 2017/2018 CBT registration Started?
No. It hasn’t.
Can i Register For Jamb 2017 Now?
Not at the moment.
When will Jamb 2017 form be released?
I have no idea. I will send you an update once it’s out.
When is Jamb 2017 Registration Going To Start?
I believe soon. If you visit jambnews.ng everyday. You won’t miss a thing
Jamb CBT Practice for All Subjects
Here is our mini CBT Practice page for all candidates. 10 questions in each subject for 10 min. Click here to visit the Jamb Free CBT Practice page .
Jamb CBT Practice page contains Jamb Past Questions and Answers categorized by subjects.
Pick any of the subjects there. Hit the “start quiz” button and start playing.
Jamb News from other sites
We are yet to begin sales of Jamb form – vanguard
Jamb to Remove Specialized courses in Tech varsities
Jamb to Install CCTV Camera in all Exam Hall
Jamb CBT Centre Owners – The Punch
Jamb Releases new guidelines for 2017 Exams
Prof. Is-haq Olarewaju Oloyede is now the new Registrar of Jamb.
The mandate of Jamb still remains conducting of Matriculation Examination for entry into all Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.
Jamb Admission Status portal is now live. Candidates can now check their Admission status.
Click here
Cut Off Mark of or all tertiary institutions in Nigeria is now 180 Click here to to read the full post.
Jamb Past Questions
It’s advisable to get the updated Jamb Past Questions and Answers in hard copy.
If you are unable to do so, you can use the softcopy (pdf files) we’ve provided here (English, Math, Govt, CRS, IRS, Chemistry etc).
Feel free to drop any subject you would want us to add to the list. Visit our Past Questions page
Jamb Websites
Here are direct to all of jamb websites.
The third one was lauched recently.
Jamb utme e-Registration portal – http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme/
Jamb official website – http://www.jamb.gov.ng
Jamb E-facility – http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/
Jamb Subject Combo for All Subjects
Choosing the wrong subject combo for a particular course in Jamb 2017 won’t be nice.
A detailed requirement for each course in every institution is available in the jamb brochure.
The Jamb combo page outlines all couses and their accepted subjection combination options.
Jamb subject combination for Medicine: English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
For LAW: English, Religious Knowledge, Lit. in English and Government.
For Engineering: English, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.
Get the combination for all other courses/discipline on our combo page
Jamb 2016 Registration Statistics
I think Jamb Registration statistics is quite important. Most people take it for granted.
See how Jambites registered for the 2016 UTME. Previous Jamb Registration Stats will let you know your competition for a course. Not much will change in 2017 Jamb.
Those highly competitive courses will likely remain so. Know your abilities and chose appropriately.
Personally, I believe if you put in the work. You will do well in any of them.
Jamb 2016 Registration statistics outlines the number of students aspiring for a particular course. 10,970 students are competing for Accounting in Unilorin, 4,338 are competing for Medicine and Surgery in Uniuyo, 4,679 are competing for Civil law in the Ahmadu Bello University. View the Jamb Statistics for All Schools Here
Jamb Syllabus
The 2017 Syllabus has not been published yet,
If you are one of those good students who can’t wait to start crossing out topics.
Last year’s syllabus might be quite helpful.
Here is a collection of Jamb syllabus for all of the 24 subjects written in Jamb UTME.
Get Jamb Syllabus 2016 Here
Jamb Brochure
The Jamb UTME Brochure typically states all courses offered in all the institutions in Nigeria.
That’s not all.
Besides each courses, the brochure outlines the all compulsory O level subjects required to study that course.
You grab? I’m sure you do.
Also, the 2017 Jamb Brochure will be published
here. Once it’s released
Download the official Jamb Brochure and get all relevant information regarding your exams
Get Jamb Brochure 2016 Here
Jamb 2016 Policy Meeting
The 2016 Jamb Policy Meeting was held on the 2nd of June.
A lot of cool statistics was released by the board.
These stats can help you decide stuff.
Stuffs like which course or institutions you’d apply for in Jamb 2017.
BTW, Jambnews.ng will cover everything Jamb 2016 when the time comes.
So, about the 2016 Jamb Policy Meeting.
You will get to see stuffs like;
number of candidates that applied arranged by SOR(State of origin)
number of 2016 Jamb candidates arranged by gender.
Science vs Art statistics, etc.
Click here to view the summary of Jamb 2016 Policy Meeting.
Confused over Choice of School?
Not still sure which you should select in the 2017 Application. pass.ng just dropped a blog post that your might find useful. It’s a list of courses and Institutions which are pretty good at them. Check it out by clicking Here
Jamb 2016 Latest News, Registration guidelines, Result checking and all resources to guide you to success in the forthcoming 2017/2018 Jamb UTME … Download brochure | Download Syllabus
Jamb Result for 2016
Jamb Result 2016/2017 Checker on www.jamb.org.ng
Do you know you can now Check your JAMB Result online by yourself? It’s simple. Also know that the 2016 JAMB UTME result will be sent to candidate’s phone 30 minutes after exam and would be available four(4) days.

 Institutions were basically a list of schools that can be chosen as 2nd choice. Not all schools fall into this category. You should run through the list before making that choice.

These are the list of universities you could chose as your 2nd choice. The idea is to give you something to consider falling back to just in case.

Jamb 2016 Cut Off Mark
Last year, Jamb did decide at her policy implementation meeting that 180 should be the flat rate for all universities. Polytechnics and COEs were to go with 180.
Institutions has been clamoring for for a flexible cut off mark. On the 24th of Nov. Jamb Registrar announced the decision of the ministry of education.
There’s been a conditional review of the National cutoff marks. It’s been reduced.
General Information for UTME Candidates
i. The registration fee, once paid is not refundable.
ii. Registration for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is On-line (via internet) and all applicants are advised to register by themselves. All required information must be provided.
iii. Applicants are advised to read and understand the instructions on how to complete the on-line registration before visiting any cbt centre.
iv. Candidates should study the guidelines on admission before registration.
v. Candidates who damage or lose their scratch cards before registration will have to purchase another scratch card.
vi. Multiple entries are not allowed. Candidates who register more than once will have their entire results cancelled.
vii. Candidates should note that their uploaded image or photograph will be embossed on their result slips and admission letters.
viii. Candidates can access the Board’s website on
(www.jamb.org.ng ) for registration using the registration scratch card. Registration can be done on the website at anytime within the stipulated registration period through any of the accredited and authorised CBT centres.
ix. Candidates are to note that irrespective of their choice of course of study or method of testing, they will also be tested on a general book. “The Last Days at Forcados High School” By A.H. Mohammed
Candidates are to note that there will be no extension of the date of registration.
Where to get Jamb Scratch Cards
Below are the official points where JAMB scratch cards can be purchased.
1) First Bank Plc
2) First City Monument Bank
3) Skye Bank Plc
4) Union Bank
5) Zenith Bank
Visit any of their branches nationwide to buy the JAMB e-registration scratch card.
Other selling points are:
1) JAMB HQ Abuja
2) JAMB Offices Nationwide
Jamb Selling points outside Nigeria:
This list is from the 2016 Jamb. Changes will be made(if there’s any) once the Jamb 2017 form comes on sale.
1) Cameroun
2) Cote D’Ivoire
3) Cotonou
4) Ghana
5) Saudi Arabia
6) South Africa
7) United Kingdom.
Recommended Text Books by Subjects
A useful resource to get the list of text books jamb has advised candidates to use in preparation for the forthcoming UTME. See next paragraph.
Update: The new mobile friendly syllabus pages now has all the recommended text books at the end of each subject. Visit the syllabus page to check it out
For Direct Entry Applicants
Looking at getting admitted in 2017 via Jamb Direct Entry.
Applicants with one of the following qualifications may be considered for admission by Direct Entry:
A minimum of five (5) subjects passed at not more than two sittings with at least two at the Principal or Advanced level of the G.C.E, and the others, at credit level of the SSCE/GCE, NTC/NBC. No subject shall be counted at both Ordinary and Advanced levels.
Two passes at the IJMB Advanced Level Examination or Cambridge moderated Schools of Basic Studies Terminal Examination or Institute of Baccalaureate from recognised institutions with SSCE/GCE, NTS/NBC credits – equivalent in three other subjects (Subject to University Requirements).
Passes in two major subjects in the NCE with SSCE, NTC/NBC credits or equivalents in THREE other subjects (mainly for Education Courses). Education may be accepted as a third A’Level subject for those taking courses in Education.
Candidates are to note they will be required to provide their registration number which they used in gaining admission into their NCE, Diploma etc.


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