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    Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    Guys Be Warned!!! See List Of All The Girls You Should Avoid Because They Will Ruin Your Life

    This guy with the twitter handle @dailynewsvibe  made a list of all the girls you should stay far away from so he shared it on his twitter page

    This guy with the twitter handle @dailynewsvibe  made a list of all the girls you should stay far away from so he shared it on his twitter page.

    Trust me going through it, it all seems to make some sense, but like they say a word is enough for the wise, he has only played his part by advising guys, so let “those who have ears let them hear”

    As written by:  ‘him I’m gonna make a thread of the girls who will ruin your life’
    We have warned you o……. Oya see below…..
    1. A girl that calls you ‘Daddy wa’:
    1) any girl that calls you daddy will ruin your life and make you an actual daddy
    2. A girl that has curly and disgruntled hair:
    2) any girl that has curly hair will ruin your life. how they gonna straighten out your life if they can’t even do it to their hair
    3. Half caste women/Hispanic women:
    3) any Hispanic girl will ruin your life. they harness the power or Satan to make you weak
    4. A woman that laughs when she hungry, run she is Patience Ozokwo:
    4) any girl that laughs when they’re mad will ruin your life. She’s laughing about your death. Run while you can
    5. The freaky girls:
    5) any girl that likes being choked during sex will ruin your life. you’ll get life in jail cause she died tryna be “freaky”
    6. Sporty/ Fit fam women:
    6) any girl that plays sports will ruin your life. they can jump to the conclusions faster cause they’re in shape
    7. Women that wear makeup:
    7) any girl that wears the makeup that makes them look like a sexy glazed donut. she gonna ruin your life and look delicious
    8. any girl that speaks all languages
    8) She can speak all languages? What are you still waiting for, run, run, run:
    9. Avoid girls with huge forehead at all costs:
    9) any girl with a big forehead will ruin your life. they store all the evil in their big ass head
    10. Girls with perfect eyebrows:
    10) any girl with perfect eyebrows will ruin your life. they gonna thread and wax your soul away
    11. If she wears choker, she will take you to Soka in Ibadan:
    11) any girl that wears a choker will ruin your life. they’re depriving themselves of oxygen so they can practice arguing in the afterlife
    12. any girl with green eyes
    12) any girl with green eyes will ruin your life. they be looking like sexy bulbasaurs ready to evolve your life into ruined
    13. If she plays Pokemon Go, you are finished:
    14) any girl that calls you papi will ruin your life. that word triggers a hormone in a mans that causes him to forget how to pull out
    15) any girl that plays pokemon go will ruin your life. you gonna catch feelings while she’s just trying to catch em all
    16) any girl that has selfies sucking a lollipop or sticking her tongue out. you won’t pull out she’s gonna ruin your life
    When you see them, run, run, run!!! Don’t say we did not warn you o.
    You can as well DROP YOURS BELOW!

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