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    Monday, September 19, 2016

    Who Is Alleged Chris Brown Victim Baylee Curran?

    While Rihanna and Drake continue to flaunt their newly public romance, Chris Brown is back in the headlines
    While Rihanna and Drake continue to flaunt their newly public romance, Chris Brown is back in the headlines … but it’s not for cute reasons. The singer, 27, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon Tuesday after an hours-long standoff with police.
    Cops went to Brown’s home in Los Angeles early Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 claiming the singer pulled a gun on her. The caller was later identified as Baylee Curran, who alleged that Brown went berserk on her after she admired a diamond cross necklace.
    “One of his friends … started cussing me out, calling me names … that’s when Chris … pulled out his gun, pointed it at me, said, ‘Get the F out,’” Curran told TMZ. “They tried getting me to sign a waiver afterward, an NDA. I did not. I didn’t sign anything.”
    So who exactly is Baylee Curran? Here are six things to know about her.
    1. She has met Chris Brown before: Curran claims she has hung out with the singer in the past and that everything has always been smooth. “The first couple times I hung out with him, it was with Justin Bieber, and it was very nice, light, we played hide-and-go-seek … went swimming,” she told TMZ, adding, “It was all good.”
    2. She has partied with many celebs: The Biebs isn’t the only famous person Curran has crossed paths with. “Back when dr. Dre and I where cool. Lol jk we still be cooool :),” she captioned a snapshot taken with the hip-hop mogul in 2013. She has posted a couple pics with Corey Feldman as well, including this one of them “atttt dinner.”
    Drew Barrymore and Bieber pal Lil Twist have also made appearances on her Instagram, which has recently been made private.
    3. She was a beauty queen: Curran is familiar with the pageant circuit, having won the 2016 Miss California Regional contest. “Am I still dreaming !!!!!!!! Is this real life!! #MissCalifornia #DreamsComeTrue,” she eagerly wrote on her Instagram at the time. So what is this particular crown? According to the Miss California Regional website, this pageant looks for “well rounded ladies next door who are dedicated to community service, academic achievements and having their voices heard in their communities.”But TMZ reports that her title was stripped just two months into her reign because nude photos of her surfaced and she “would fail to show for community functions … while photographers were tagging photos of her frolicking on a boat.”
    4. She’s an aspiring actress: What’s a beauty queen to do postcrown? Try to be an actress, of course. We’ll let her tell you about her talents and experience in her own words, as she wrote in her IMDb minibiography: “Baylee Curran is an on screen actress, model, red carpet host, and former Miss California Regional. She is known for her lead roles in Cold Blooded, The Prodigal Son, and the International Hair Commercial for Mohair. She is on billboards in every country including those in the Middle East and Europe. Baylee currently holds the title of 2016 Miss California USA Ambassador and also Egypt’s 2016 Miss Love and Peace.” Impressive, if not entirely true.
    5. She’s a professional equestrian: We also learned from Curran’s IMDb bio that she loves horses. “Do [sic] to Baylee being a professional equestrian, she is athletic and does all of her own stunts,” she wrote. 
    6. She’s involved in a criminal theft case in New York City: According to TMZ, Curran is wanted for questioning for allegedly stealing a purse. She was vacationing with friends at the Plaza in 2013 when they began arguing in the hotel. Police reports say she’s accused of grabbing one of her friends’ $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse and running out of the hotel. Security chased Curran, who is said to have dropped the purse but got away with $200 in cash plus credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet that were inside.
    The police never spoke to her, and there’s a type of warrant out on her that would allow NYPD cops to pick her up and take her to the station for questioning if they find her in the city. The former friend whose purse was snatched also has a restraining order against Curran from an L.A. judge. Curran’s rep told TMZ that she had no idea New York City cops wanted her for questioning. She also claims that her friend was actually the thief.

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