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    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    Passenger and freight trains collide in Pakistan - CNN

    Passenger and freight trains collide in Pakistan
    Passenger and freight trains collide in Pakistan
    A traveler train and cargo train have crashed in Pakistan, leaving six dead and scores harmed, police say.

    The trains impacted somewhere in the range of 25 km outside the city of Multan in Punjab territory, police representative Nadir Chatta told CNN.

    The cargo train had ceased to permit authorities to evacuate the body of a suicide casualty from the tracks, he said, when the Awam Express prepare making a trip from Peshawar to Karachi collided with it.

    The Awam Express is one of the world's longest prepares, with 19 carriages. Chatta said it had been not able brake in time. No less than 150 individuals were harmed in the accident.

    Pakistan's Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif communicated "profound misery and distress over the loss of valuable lives in the train mishap in Multan today."

    Sharif said in an announcement that he was petitioning God for the quick recuperation of the harmed and had guided authorities to extend the best restorative treatment to those hurt.

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