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    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    Nigerians outraged by Dalungs comments on athletes’ preparation

    Nigerians are offended over late remarks by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung that competitors
    Nigerians are offended over late remarks by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung that competitors needn't bother with much preparing to win decorations at rivalries once they have the triumphant mindset.

     The clergyman who talked on Brila FM radio ahead of schedule in the week to praise the endeavors of Team Nigeria competitors who are winning awards at the on-going Rio Paralympics, said that the physically fit competitors who fizzled in Rio had the same shabby planning with the extraordinary competitors yet the distinction was "the triumphant mindset the incapacitated competitors have."

    However, perusers on Vanguard online have slipped intensely on the priest, some calling him unprintable names while others asked why President Muhammadu Buhari is as yet keeping him. One peruser by name Babrutus said sarcasticallly, " Why would it be advisable for anyone to prepare in nowadays of web innovation? To win, all they need is to get on Facebook or YouTube and watch recordings of the game and study the system of their opponents. I tire for Nigerian competitors sef." Dalung Tunji Olarewaju composed "My President, sir, you have to sack, fire, shoot (which I'll favor ) this lush from your bureau, not ASAP, but rather like yesterday. This thing (Dalung) is the main misstep of your organization as such."

     Another composition under the name The covered one said "I know even the Boys Scout to which this Sports Minister has a place with do a great deal of physical preparing to stay in shape the amount more competitors planning for an opposition like Olympic Games. Does this Red Beret Scout know how frequently Usain Bolt prepares in a day with expert learners and medicinal hands notwithstanding his incredible possibilities? No big surprise he was requesting that Siasia demonstrate to him the mentor of the U-23 Olympic group."

    Okon pretty much called for test of assets discharged for the Rio Olympics in his post on the affront by the disgraceful priest of games on the dedicated Nigerian competitors who needed to lift the country's pride by doing admirably at the Olympics because of the national judgment it has gotten and properly as well.

     All good natured Nigerians ought to censure this pastor. Nonetheless, one needs to say the vast majority of the political class has conveyed hopelessness and shame to the country and the activities and inaction of this pastor is an awesome affront to the country. He ought to give clarification of how the billions of Naira voted in favor of the Olympics was utilized.

     PMB accompanied message of progress and seek after better. This priest has brought message of national disrespect and (is) unfit to be a clergyman of games. Extraordinary countries dedicate assets both material and political for the achievement of their competitors and sportsmen and ladies and the purported pastor is occupied with bringing them and the country down. The CHANGE ought to begin with him and now is the ideal time.

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