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    Wednesday, September 21, 2016

    BlackBerry-xit: Why Whatsapp may lose many Nigerian subscribers

    IT is no more news that Whatsapp, the world's most famous informing application won't be accessible on the BlackBerry platform come 2017. What may be news in any case, particularly to the Facebook possessed organization, is that numerous Nigerian BlackBerry steadfast say they will pick the Canadian versatile brand over Whatsapp.

     In spite of the fact that BlackBerry may have lost face everywhere throughout the world, it is still a beyond a reasonable doubt dearest brand on the planet's most crowded dark country for an assortment of reasons. The simple to-use physical console connected with a large number of the more established blackberry models is one of them. In spite of the fact that Android and Apple gadgets have consigned the physical QWERTY to the medieval times, it is still an element adored by numerous Nigerians. Another point to note is the value element.

    As a consequence of the BlackBerry blast in Nigeria couple of years prior, the nation's real systems composed extraordinary administrations for supporters who utilized the brand. The normal clients web needs can be met with a coincidental installment of N1000 a month. This element, inaccessible on different stages makes the utilization of information more costly on different Smartphones. Food provider, Princess Nwadinobi is pulled in to the blackberry brand for this very reason. "I don't generally like the way that Whatsapp is leaving BlackBerry.

    With a shabby membership charge, I can scan effortlessly consistently on my BlackBerry dissimilar to other telephone marks that will cost me more. I think despite everything i'll adhere to my BlackBerry since I can talk and work with my clients through the BlackBerry emissary and Facebook delivery person. In spite of the fact that gadget darlings, Nigerians are feeling the smash of a waning economy, with the dollar rising speedier against the naira like some Ijebu garri in cool water. For a great many blackberry clients the nation over, getting another gadget just to suit an application won't not be top need.

    Mr. Sanmi Mosiko for instance, an understudy at Kogi state University is more intrigued utilizing his accounts to further his training. He told Glamtech: "I won't get another telephone notwithstanding when I can no more utilize Whatsapp on my BlackBerry. I'd rather manage without the application." There are still a couple who may leave BlackBerry for Whatsapp.

    Teacher, Miss Amarachi Williams advised Glamtech that she would need to get herself another telephone that makes utilization of the application in light of the fact that whatsapp is essential to her. In any case, it is impossible that you'll discover a BlackBerry rack when you go to a merchant in fresh out of the plastic new gadgets at any rate not in the Lagos city. Yet, that doesn't imply that BBs are no more sold in Nigeria.

    Much the same as with just about everything 'Tokunbo', the second-hand portable business sector here is a flourishing one, and Blackberries are still a noteworthy part of that business sector. Nigerians are as yet utilizing Blackberries each day and that is unrealistic to change overnight or even in the following three months when Whatsapp will say farewell to Blackberry.

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