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    Thursday, September 15, 2016

    Biafra: Buhari’s statement to corpers confirms he is jittery – MASSOB

    Biafra: Buhari’s statement to corpers confirms he is jittery – MASSOB
    The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has assaulted President Muhammadu Buhari over remarks he made to NYSC individuals from Igbo root.

    MASSOB Leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, in a press proclamation denounced Buhari for singling out Ndigbo, out of the number that paid him the Sallah visit.

    "Advising the Igbo youth corps individuals to illuminate their kindred Igbo adolescents in MASSOB to stop Biafran fomentation, demonstrates that he (Buhari) specifically perceives the corps individuals as Biafrans", Comrade Madu said.

    "Buhari still incorrectly believe that with his family in key positions in the military, he will effortlessly squash Biafra.

    "MASSOB perspectives Buhari's steady negative remarks on Biafra as a method for stiring cognizance among Biafrans, even as he is nervous and precarious about our tenacity towards realizing our elevated dream", Madu said.

    While reminding the Nigerian government that each progressive battle had its own philosophy, Madu, in any case, said that "the current Biafran battle will keep on unfolding mistaking strategies for the Nigerian initiative.

    "We need President Buhari to keep on making comparative explanations that relevantly express his dissatisfaction. No man can pulverize Biafra on the grounds that God, history and mankind are on our side".

    MASSOB reminded the President that the capture and confinement of Nnamdi KANU, Lotachukwu Okoli and a large group of others, and in addition the slaughtering, abuse, indictment, trancelike state, concealment and mistreatment of Biafrans, can't extinguish the unsettling.

    "It should likewise be noticed that the present clampdown of peaceful, unarmed instigators for self standard, just decline the issue and underscores Nigeria as an inching, abusive provincial state.

    "Any gathering whose stock in exchange is to relegate another to useless status, or denies another their full rights, including independence to political, social and financial advancement, is pretty much as blameworthy of expansionism as the customary white colonialists we are all acquainted with, and thus lies Nigeria's situation.

    "Biafran unsettling is just a response to the numerous treacheries, rejections, useless citizenship, destined to manage theory, minimization and different types of imbalance and disparity that portray the Nigerian express", the MASSOB proclamation included.

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