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    Saturday, September 03, 2016

    22 facebook post ideas that guarnatee engagement for business

    FACT: Getting fans to engage on Facebook posts is harder than ever!
    But guess what?... it's also more important than ever!
    The news feed is bursting at the seams with content -- and just getting reach on Facebook is tougher & tougher these days.
    Some people buy ads. Others purchase Likes or try to game the news feed in other ways.
    But one surefire, FREE way to boost Facebook engagement is to post content your fans LOVE!
    I know what you're thinking: Easier said than done, Aaron!
    Don't I know it.... But it's not a lost cause!
    Today I have 22 post ideas that any page manager can implement in an instant. These tips will have your fans chomping at the bit to Like & comment on your posts.
    I'll solve your problems such as
    Not knowing what to post
    How to find engaging content
    How to automate this process
    If you follow my advices. lt will probably
    get you more exposure on Facebook than you ever dreamed possible!
    22 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses that Practically GUARANTEE Engagement
    1. Tell Stories
    People remember stories! The reason why stories work is because it's personal and your fans will probably have similar story or situations that they are doing through. This allows you to connect with them on a personal level.
    Make sure to share stories about your life & business on Facebook. Quest nutrition does this well sharing stories of weight loss from their customers.I actually had similar experience sharing my personal weight loss story on my profile. It was one of my most engaged post yet. People loved how open I was and I received so many messages from people going through the same issue.
    2. Post at the Right Time (based on Facebook Insights)
    I'm sure you heard about this. The best time to post is:
    12 PM
    3 PM
    7 PM
    Every study will show a different results because the best time to post varies based on industry and demographic.
    You won't know the optimal time to post for your Facebook fans unless you conduct experiments.
    Use Facebook Insights to determine when your fans are online. That's a great place to start! If you're a Post Planner customer, you can get insights on your posts as well.
    3. Post at Non-Peak Hours
    Sometimes you should avoid posting at the busiest times of the day.
    Why? Lots of businesses fight to appear in the news feed at those times. It's just too competitive to compete in the newsfeed.
    What you should do is experiment with posts at non-peak hours to determine whether you can reach more fans.
    4. Post About Trending Topics
    If you don't know yet, the news feed algorithm will reward posts that are about topics trending on Facebook.
    What you can do is find potential topics that your customer will be talking about. For example, if you know your customers will be watching the football match, you can post content around this, and ask which team they'll be supporting. It's a fun way to interact with your fans.
    5. Post Behind-the-Scenes Shots of Your Business
    Behind-the-scenes photos humanize your business & help you stand out from the competition. Today transparency is what fans want. More businesses are opened to this idea and are seeing great results in terms of engagement from posting these type of posts.
    6. Post Selfies
    Selfies are some of the most popular posts on Facebook. When done right, a well-posted selfie can do a lot for your Facebook strategy. It not only humanizes your brand but gives your brand a personality of it's own. One of Post Planner's reader once commented to us that her selfie was one of her most engaged type of post. Her fans simply loved it.
    7. Share Random Thoughts
    What's on your mind today? Just share whatever comes to mind just to see if fans respond. You'll never know if some of your fans might be thinking the same recently. This type of post also spice things up a little. Don't be surprised if it's your most responsive post yet.
    8. Post Viral Photos
    Don't know what do post? Try posting viral photos from the web. These pics might do very well on your Facebook page.
    If you don't know how to find it. I recommend you try Post Planner's viral photos. You'll be able to find engaging type of content such as:
    Funny photos
    & more!
    9. Ask Fans About Business Decisions
    Does your company need a new logo? Trying to decide on some new product features? Don't know what you should be writing on your blog or maybe you don't know what you should be writing on your blog.
    Why not ask your Facebook fans? This is a great way to boost engagement in a hurry. I'm sure your fans will have a lot of question for you.
    10. Post Questions & Fill-in-the-Blanks
    Fill-in-the-blanks & questions will get your fans responding every time. Trust me, people love this type of content.
    Warning! This type of post will get you a lot of responses. It's just fun!
    11. Use 3 Ps of Posting
    To make sure you get engagement and reach on your page. Use the 3 Ps of posting to adjust to whatever algorithm changes Facebook throws your way.
    The 3Ps will allow you to spice up your content and add value to your fans.
    12. Post Original Images
    Using original images will make your page unique. You can do so by using platforms such as
    Alternatively you can hire a designer to get these images done for you. You can pay them per photo. Simply get them to re-create some of the images you find in Post Planner's Viral Photos to give it a viral effect.
    13. Act Human
    Beep beep! Nobody wants to interact with a bot!
    We're all human -- even on Facebook. Act that way! Ignore all the advices on being professional. Show your real side and just be you. Act like how you are in real life.
    Your fans will appreciate that and you'll get more likes and comments. Trust me.
    14. Experiment with How Often You Should Post
    I'm sure you read tips on the frequency you should be posting. Most of the tips say you should be posting once or twice.
    My advice? Ignore that. Try posting a lot... The response from your fans might surprise you. After looking at some of the most successful Facebook pages, I realized that most of them post 8-14 times a day. Guess what, they still guess massive engagement!
    15. Have Recognizable Profile Pic
    If you're a personal brand. This is important! People want to see faces -- not product shots & logos. Don't use your logo, use your real face instead.
    Your face is your personal brand. It helps you get recognized on other social media platforms as well.
    16. Write Creative Descriptions for Your Posts
    A witty description is often more effective than sharing a headline from a link. A mistake many pages make is they simply reuse headlines of the blog instead. That's the wrong way of approaching it.
    Tease people if you must but don't use headlines, it's too robotic and looks lazy in the eyes of your fans.
    17. Share Inspiring Quotes
    People love quotes! The reason why quotes simply work is because quotes can connect with literally anyone breathing. Yes. It doesn't have demographic restrictions at all. One our Facebook page, quotes tend to be one of our most engaged type of content. It can work for you too.
    Post one right now & see what happens.
    18. Post Photos of Your Product in Use
    I'm going to say it. Photos of products in studios are boring. They all look the same to me. Instead of doing that, go show people how your product works -- and take pictures!
    People want to imagine how they can use your products in real life. This is the best way to entice people to buy. Look at this example below. Guess what? I bought the watch after seeing this photo.
    19. Post Videos
    Videosare the hottest commodity on Facebook. There are over 8 billion videos watched on Facebook daily. This is only the start! I can imagine Facebook being the platform for videos in the near future.
    Take advantage of this now and post a video and show:
    Behind the scenes
    You and your team
    How to use your product/services
    Just say hello
    Your fun side
    & more
    All you need is a little creativity
    20. Brand Posts with Logo & Colors
    Brand images with your logo whenever possible so people easily recognize your posts & page. This way, fans can easily recognize your content when they are swiping down their phones.
    Choose a color for your brand and just stick with it.
    21. Spotlight Fans
    Post about your fans & customers. And reward them with weekly prizes that you give away on your page. This is the best way to build credibility and trust. Potential customers will purchase from you and customers will be more loyal to your business when they see their photo get featured on your Facebook page.
    New recruits will want to win!
    22. Be Consistent
    This is one of the most important advice I can give you. Be consistent. Don't post something then disappear. It's bad form! This will affect your reach and engagement when you come back in the future.
    Regardless of how often you post -- make sure you're consistent.
    What'd I miss? These 22 post ideas aren't the only ways to craft awesome posts for Facebook that fans love. However, they can get you started and get you more:
    All you have to do is try them on your own page. That's the only way you'll know if they will work for you or not. Even if they don't work the first time, don't give up and try again.
    I'm sure I missed something. Love to hear from you.
    What's your best advice for anyone from a beginner to the most advanced Facebook marketers on the scene?
    Please share!

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