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    Monday, August 15, 2016

    Government worker passes on in EFCC's authority following six hours

    Susanne, the dowager of the Chief Protocol Officer of the Minister of State for Defense, Mr. Desmond Nunugwo, has blamed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of slaughtering her significant other and naming him a criminal
    Susanne, the dowager of the Chief Protocol Officer of the Minister of State for Defense, Mr. Desmond Nunugwo, has blamed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of slaughtering her significant other and naming him a criminal.

    She clarified that six hours after Desmond was arrested, he was declared dead.

    She told Dailynewsvibe that she had been calling her significant other's telephone over and over yet it was exchanged off as she didn't know he was in EFCC's authority in Wuse 2, Abuja.

    Susanne said, "Around 3pm on June 9, my significant other had gone to get our child from school and they both returned home. He later went out. Around 6pm, I called his line and it rang once. I attempted his number a few times later, however it was off.

    "The following morning, I got fearful when he didn't get back home. In any case, around 3.48pm, somebody called me with his telephone and said my better half was in the EFCC's care and I ought to come to safeguard him."

    Susanne said on getting to the EFCC, she was advised to go and get a man in light of the fact that being a lady, her better half couldn't be discharged on safeguard to her.

    Not long after leaving, the EFCC was asserted to have issued a press articulation breaking the news of Desmond's demise.

    She said, "The EFCC called me to their office to come and safeguard my better half while he was at that point at the morgue.

    "I later got a telephone call from a previous associate of mine that he had perused the news online that my better half was captured for misrepresentation and he had kicked the bucket."

    The dowager said she was educated that her better half's capture was continuation of an appeal composed by one Uloma, his business partner.

    Susanne said, "She (Uloma) told the EFCC that she met my better half on a flight in 2012 when he was headed to the US where I went to conceive an offspring. She said my better half acquainted her with an outsider with whom she did a N91m exchange."

    Susanne criticized the EFCC for marking her better half a fraudster even in the wake of creating his passing, including that the counter join office should demonstrate his innocence.

    The nephew of the expired, Amaechi Ihezie, told Dailynewsvibe that when he went by the EFCC, examiners let him know that Desmond drooped and kicked the bucket.

    He said the counter unite organization denied Desmond safeguard even after it had been found that he didn't get any cash from the exchange.

    Ihezie blamed the EFCC for being overeager as the commission did not educate the Ministry of Defense of Desmond's capture or examination despite the fact that he had been working at the service for more than 10 years.

    "The EFCC let me know that before he passed on, he composed an announcement of four pages. They gave him his telephone to make calls for around two hours and afterward no one came to safeguard him thus they said they exchanged him to their head office and that a couple of hours after the fact, he began to whine of uneasiness and drooped. They said he was raced to the clinic and affirmed dead," he included.

    In a request tended to the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN), the legal advisor of the family, Mr. Paul Edeh, asserted a concealment for the situation.

    Edeh said the EFCC had discharged every one of those, who were in detainment with Desmond, on the day he passed on so that there would be no witnesses.

    The appeal somewhat read, "The EFCC has glaringly denied that a posthumous examination ought to be completed on the body so as not to be prosecuted. This may have been the motivation behind why over two months after Desmond's passing, no move has been made to do a post-mortem examination.

    "After numerous visits by our customers to the EFCC and the police, both organizations have kept up that Desmond kicked the bucket a characteristic demise. One, subsequently, thinks about how both the police and the EFCC could concoct such a typical position without a therapeutic examination to decide the reason for death."

    In any case, the EFCC had said in an announcement by its representative, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, that the perished professedly deceitfully acquired N91m from a colleague after he deceived her into trusting that he had high total assets business partners in Dubai, who were very nearly purchasing NICON Insurance, and persuaded her regarding their mien to help her stockfish business.

    Therefore, she professedly wired N91m into a record, Mainage General Merchants, in Diamond Bank.

    The EFCC included, "After the exchange of the assets, he got to be hesitant compelling the complainant to answer to the EFCC. Thusly, he was captured in Utako, Abuja, at around 5.33pm on Thursday, June 9, 2016.

    "He confessed to accepting the cash from the complainant, with the extra data that he exchanged N30m of the said cash to Norway. Yet, he couldn't clarify the whereabouts of the equalization of N61m.

    "The suspect was kept at around 7.30pm, without anyone to take him on safeguard. After six hours, he all of a sudden griped of distress and was raced to the clinic where he was affirmed dead."

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