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    Monday, August 15, 2016

    Cameroonian couple got with 2-week-old infant in Cross-River

    THE National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters, NAPTIP, authorities in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, are right now in the guardianship of a two weeks old child allegedly safeguarded from a Cameroonian couple, Mr. Kamsol Ayang, 44, and spouse, Theresa Asamoa, 46, in Calabar, Cross River States. Authorities of the Nigeria Immigration Services caught the couple with the two-week-old infant at the Nfum control post in Etung Local Government Area in Cross River State.

    Cross River State's Comptroller of the Immigration Service, Mrs. Funke Adeuyi, made the divulgence while handling questions from newsmen not long after parading the suspects at the Immigration Office in Calabar. Adeuyi said: "The child looked so powerless and pale, as though he had not tasted bosom milk. Neither the child's eyes nor body was moving, a circumstance that started suspicion.

    The couple asserted to have been hitched for a long time, and chose to leave Cameroon for Nigeria to take natural medications that would make her pregnant. "In the wake of looking their travel reports, we discovered that their surnames did not count in spite of the fact that they guaranteed to have been hitched for a long time.

    This gave space for suspicion. Our officers at the control post needed to allude them to the state order for second line examination and profiling.

    "We similarly understood that the child being referred to was not dynamic for the entire time of the cross examination and this made our second line examination intense. After further examination, she let us know that she was given home grown medications that would make her pregnant."

    Adeuyi said the lady additionally asserted to have conveyed and that the child was given to her at the natural medicinal center some place in South-West Nigeria. On her part, the suspect, Mrs. Asamoa, said it was a piece of their way of life in Cameroon for a nursing mother to drink customary solution for quite a while before nourishing the new conceived child with bosom milk. Her words: "Somebody in Cameroon acquainted me with a home grown home here in Nigeria.

    I went there and was given home grown prescription for pregnancy. Following nine months, I was pregnant and I returned to Nigeria for conveyance. This is my infant, " Theresa Asamoa demanded.

    An authority of NAPTIP musical drama ting in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Victor Obazee, while getting the child, praised NIS for an exhaustive employment and the relentless watch group, which they keep up in the fringe ranges of Cross River State.

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