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    Friday, August 12, 2016

    BIAFRA BOMBSHELL!!!!!! DETAINED professional Biafra LEADER, Nnamdi Kanu, abandons MEND; set for govt talks

    Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the separatist group, Indigenous People of Biafra, has communicated the eagerness of his gathering to arrange with the Federal Government to end the tumult for self-administration.
    Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the separatist group, Indigenous People of Biafra, has communicated the eagerness of his gathering to arrange with the Federal Government to end the tumult for self-administration.

    Mr. Kanu and two others, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, are confronting trial for claimed injustice.

    They have been in detainment since October 2015.

    The legislature blames them for being individuals from unlawful association and having illicit ownership of guns.

    Responding to the administration's choice on Thursday to discharge a few individuals from the gathering who were captured in February, Mr. Kanu's legal advisors, drove by Ifeanyi Ejiofor and the Amoebi Nzelu, said they were not restricted to chats with the administration.

    "Nnamdi Kanu is not loath to political arrangement in determining his present politically organized experience," Mr. Ejiofor said.

    "He invites honest to goodness political answer for this case. Nnamdi Kanu has individuals of demonstrated trustworthiness and perfect character that will arrange for his sake, taking into account his requests when correspondence on this impact is built up."

    He however cautioned that the data going round in the media that Mr. Kanu was associated with the choice of individuals from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger delta, MEND, to arrange with government was false.

    "In the previous few day, the media was flooded with news on transaction going ahead between the Federal government and individuals MEND, where our customer's name (Nnamdi Kanu) obviously highlighted.

    "It is on that note that we wish to advise the overall population that Nnamdi Kanu has no association, contact, ties or any sort of association with individuals from the MEND. In that capacity MEND has no inferred, immediate or express power of Nnamdi Kanu to speak to him or IPOB in any implied arrangement going ahead amongst MEND and the Federal Government.

    "The overall population is in like manner encouraged to overlook, disapprove and slight the misrepresentation been sold by MEND," said Mr. Ejiofor.

    Mr. Kanu included that his customer no more had trust in the court where the body of evidence against him is right now being listened.

    Mr. Ejiofor said the court, directed by Justice John Tsoho, had denied his customer safeguard, notwithstanding a prior choice of the same court under Justice Adeniyi Ademola, who conceded safeguard to the main litigant in the matter.

    Mr. Ejiofor said the choice of Mr. Tsoho to fluctuate a prior decision of his (Tsoho) court by respecting the solicitation of the indictment for the security of observers in the progressing trial of Mr. Kanu was further affirmation that the court under his (Tsoho) administration would not allow equity to his customer.

    "Even with this oddity, it got to be obvious that our customer, Nnamdi Kanu, can't get a reasonable trial in this very court. These among other sundry reasons required alternate activities we received to request that the good court excludes itself from further continuing with the knowing about the case," he said.

    Mr. Ejiofor said the media ought to guarantee a right understanding of the charges against their customers, saying Mr. Kanu is the main individual straightforwardly blamed for treasonable lawful offense.

    "The six count charges proffered as a detriment to our customers show in outline that our customer (Namdi Kanu) is confronting three charges; treasonable lawful offense, overseeing unlawful society and covering products in a holder holding merchandise of various depiction.

    "The second litigant Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu is confronting two number charges (that is tallies 4 and 5) of helping the administration of unlawful society and unlawful ownership of guns, while the third respondent is confronting stand out tally charge of helping the administration of unlawful society.

    "The inquiry now emerges in the matter of whether a solitary individual can be accused exclusively of the offense of treasonable lawful offense, considering the elements of the offense of treachery as identified under segment 41 of the Criminal Code Act top C38 laws of the league of Nigeria," Mr. Ejiofor said.

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