Monday, July 18, 2016
It seems that Xiaomi is delving into Notebook. The company took to its Forum to hint at the latest development and like I have explained earlier, the laptop or laptops would be in the style of Apple’s MacBook Air.
Xiaomi Might Launch A “MacBook Air” This Month
However, instead of regular specs, we might be looking at high-end specs. To be precise, the supposed Xiaomi’s
Macbook Air might be powered by a Core i7-6500U running at 2.5 GHz and would use an 8 GB of RAM
The last thing the rumors revealed is the presence of the USB-C port for both power and video outputs.
The MacBook Air rumors are definitely believable given Xiaomi’s penchant for anything Apple, but if there is one thing that Xiaomi didn’t copy from Apple, it’s the pricing system, hopefully, Xiaomi’s “Macbook Air” with the rumored high-end specs might follow in that direction… Or not.

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