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    Friday, July 29, 2016

    Terrifying moment masked chainsaw-wielding robbers ram raid bank before torching car in street

    Terrifying moment masked chainsaw-wielding robbers ram raid bank before torching car in street
    These are the dramatic scenes as chainsaw-wielding robbers ram raid a bank and then set fire to the car they used in the heist.
    A gang of men wearing ski masks are reported to have stormed into Lloyds Bank in Cheadle High Street, Greater Manchester, shortly after the branch opened this morning.
    Video footage shows two cars pulled up outside the bank during the incident at the Lloyds Bank, which happened at about 9am.
    A woman can be heard screaming in terror before another says: "Oh my God, he's got a saw."
    As the Range Rover tries to pull away, a masked man is seen walking past the smaller car and dropping what looks to be a burning object through the window.
    Moments later, the Range Rover has sped off and the robbery car is engulfed in flames.
    Other images being shared by witnesses on social media show a group of men clad all in black carrying what appear to be chainsaws.
    Police were called just after 9.15am. The entire village was temporarily sealed off while officers and firefighters attended the scene, but roads have since reopened.
    Several people who saw the raid told the Manchester Evening News they saw the men squirting liquid on the vehicle before throwing a petrol bomb inside the car.
    According to witnesses a Range Rover pulled up outside Lloyds Bank at around 9am on Friday morning.
    Shortly afterwards another car sped around the car and rammed into the front of the bank.
    It reversed and smashed into the bank a second time before two men got out of the vehicle wearing ski-masks and dark clothing.
    An eye-witness said they were carrying chainsaws and a metal bar.
    The men went inside the bank and when they left the building ripped the numberplate off the black car.
    One man then set alight to the car and jumped into the Range Rover waiting outside the bank.
    Callum Beaumont, who was driving past at the time, said: “When I looked there was a car, a black Hyundai, that looked completely burned out.
    “It was in the middle of the road.”
    A car matching the getaway vehicle's description has since been found burning beneath a railway bridge a short distance away.
    Police said the robbers escaped the bank empty-handed after the robbery attempt. Three staff members were inside at the time but nobody was injured.
    Inspector David Fulton said: “This was a brazen robbery conducted in broad daylight on one of the main streets running through Cheadle.
    “It has left staff members completely terrified when they were just starting work for the day and it is fortunate that nobody was harmed.
    “It took place during rush hour on a busy road with lots of people going to work or out shopping so someone must have seen this going on.
    “We would urge anybody who was there and can help us with our investigation to come forward.”
    Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting incident number 506 or 29/07/16, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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