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    Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    hacktivist - Hacker School Attacked

    hacktivist - Hacker School Attacked

    The Hacker Jon Story -- ending and beginnings

    Well written code contains no flourishes.
    Billy Goodman: Ethical Hacker, Privacy Technician
    The cyberhug.me trilogy starts with a lone hacktivist in cyberbattle.
    Three Hacker School students join the experienced teenage hacktivist to escape the destruction of Hacker School. Human rights demand these teenagers challenge a malevolent dictatorship.
    They accept. To stop General Johnstone's genocide they outline a desperate viral mission.
    These Hacker School cyberwarriors decide they must revolutionize hacktivism to succeed. They join their talents to ignite an explosive cyberwar. The cost will likely be their young lives.

    * hacktivist * Index

    Network Security Key: direct links to story chapters


    Your crime? Intent to support human rights.

    "We need you."
    Billy speaks his reply to the air. "Not now, we're being hacked, from inside."
    "Drop it, there is no time."
    He'd been whistling as he hacked when he got the message. The timing of the request to leave his lab is too convenient for someone. When he steps out of his lab into his office he is whistling again. A file name worm has just been planted in the attacker's system. It will be a short journey to the Admin inner sanctum to answer questions, then back to hack the attack.

    "All classes are canceled except grad class, all other students are already being transported off property into hiding. We are talking to professors about volunteering to lead grad hacker teams, you need to talk to the hackers class and get them ready to run." These admin guys had earned their hacking chops during a time the world was falling apart, billions dying. They are not easily excited.
    I don't want to give up the hacking battle. "Someone inside is trying to get information out. They are better than students, they will get through my static defenses if I don't stop them."
    "How long will what you have in place hold?"

    "A half hour at least if they've studied me, maybe another six hours if not. I can hold them off and discover who they are if I fight them."
    The Hacker School Administrators look at the Dean. "His defenses are enough." He smiles, "Billy always underestimates his abilities."
    I try again, "But a highly placed inside agent will know those abilities."

    The admin team looks at each other, then seem to agree. "There are always risks in hacking. We will be physically invaded, tomorrow at the latest. You have our backing on anything you tell the grad students. Do as you see fit, but do it now." A blank check.
    The Dean Looks at me. "Come to my office when you are done and let me know how hacker school has been committed. There is one grad team that brought this on, they've done a great job on a tyrant involved in genocide, send them home to live another day."
    "If they want to keep hacking at the root of evil?"

    "You are the only one left that can lead them, As good as you are, all of you would probably die. It would be you four against a powerful government. Being in the right does not change your terrible odds. It is sure to be a nasty death for three promising hacktivists and yourself."
    I look back at the administration board. "I'll do this, then I'll destroy our onsite data and equipment before I leave." Time to get to work. I wave goodbye. "Next time, at a new Hacker School." As I leave they all express farewells. 


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