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    Tuesday, July 26, 2016

    Dr Dre cuffed and arrested outside his home

    Dr. Dre was cuffed and searched outside of his own house in Malibu earlier today.
    American legendary producer, Dr. Dre was reportedly put in cuffs outside of his home in Malibu. Dre’s sources say he was the target of a racist man attempting to pin a gun charge on him.
    Dr. Dre was cuffed and searched outside of his own house in Malibu earlier today, reports TMZ. A driver who had stopped in front of Dre’s house, resulting in a heated altercation, called police to the scene.

    According to sources close to Dre, the Compton mogul had driven up to his home to find another car blocking his driveway.
    He asked the driver to move, and he did so, but Dre’s sources say that the man proceeded to curse out Dre while he was pulling into his own driveway. They say he continued to harass Dre, prompting the Aftermath boss to pull out his phone to record the dispute.

    The driver apparently thought Dre was carrying a gun, and he reportedly said, ‘Here we go again, another black guy with a gun.’ Again, this is all coming from a source connected with the veteran musician, but perhaps Dre’s footage will confirm what happened.

    Upon accusing Dre of having a gun, the loitering driver called the cops, who showed up at the scene to put the hip-hop legend in cuffs and search him for a weapon.
    The police uncuffed him after finding nothing on his person, but the accuser was adamant that they stay put, and he reportedly demanded that he be able to carry out a citizen’s arrest against Dre.

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