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    Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    Churches targeted in failed Turkey coup

    Churches targeted in failed Turkey coup

    Churches have been targeted during the failed coup attempt in Turkey, reports suggest.

    Upheaval began during the evening of Friday 15th July where an attempt to overthrow the government was made.

    The Catholic church of Santa Maria was attacked in Trabzon on the Black Sea where paving stones were used to break windows and hammers were used to try and break into the church.
    Middle East Concern has reported that Muslim neighbours stopped the attack and contacted the priest.
    In another town Malatya, windows were broken in Malatya Protestant Church as well as the door.
    Pastor Tim Stone said those with issues against the church are taking advantage of the unrest.
    The Association Of Turkish Protestant Churches has also asked for wisdom and understanding for the country's leaders and is asking Christians to pray for peace.
    The Association Of Turkish Protestant Churches prayer:
    - for the protection of the small Christian community in Turkey, and that those extremists intent on harm and causing damage will be stopped, as they were in Trabzon
    - that state officials will be diligent in protecting Christians and church property, and will seek to apprehend perpetrators and bring them to justice
    - that overall security will be maintained in Turkey, and that state officials will respond wisely and appropriately to the crisis
    Following the coup religious leaders from a number of backgrounds including Jewish, Greek Orthodox, Assyrian Orthodox, Association Of Turkish Protestant Churches and Assyrian Catholics issued a statement condemning the fighting, calling for justice and peace to be restored to the country.

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